Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vintage Vogue V1137

I made this dress, V1137, yesterday. It was fabulously easy, and went together perfectly.

I made a couple of alterations to the garment... firstly, I omitted the splits at the sides; the skirt is quite roomy enough without them. Secondly, I shortened the length. After cutting it out (unfortunately) I realised it was far too long for my taste, so I took off about 30 cms.

I used a fabric with just a little stretch for comfort, which just so happened to be only $3.00 per metre at Spotlight. It was on the bargain table, so I took what was left on the roll: around 3.5 metres. I love, love, love florals...and red - so this fabric was not only cheap, but perfect!!!

I will definitely make this pattern again, as I am very happy with the fit and styling.

Do you think it looks vintage enough?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sassy Lassie's giveaway...

Fellow blogger and vintage style aficionado, Sassy Lassie has a fab giveaway for all vintage lovers to enter. Off I go to leave my comment...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rosina - 1935 hand-knit

My latest finished vintage project is "Rosina", a hand-knit originally from 1935, although my pattern is a reproduction, from a pattern book written in the 80s; sorry, can't remember the title. The only difference between mine and the original 1935 version is that mine is knitted with DK weight yarn, whilst the original called for fingering weight yarn. My mum sews my jumpers up for me (thanks mum), and I collected it from her yesterday, sewed the buttons on last night, and wore it today. As usual, I have to wear a new garment immediately or the very next day - whether I buy or make it.

original 1935 image
my version
close-up of garter stitch detail
me again
The pattern is a very simple one, with only knit, purl, garter stitch, and basic increasing/decreasing. The front is a 'mock' cardigan, and for simplicity sake - and to eliminate untidy buttonholes - I sewed the buttons in place. I figure it didn't matter as the buttons are only for show. I also added a button to each collar, just to hold them in place.

I have made this jumper once before, it was my first project when I returned to knitting about 10 years ago (after being taught as a youngster, and a 10 year break). However, the wool shop lady who I sought yarn advice from suggested I make the third size - and it was far too big. With a much greater understanding about my knitting tension (loose) and what fits me, this time I made the first size, and it fits as it should. It is not tight, but it does hug my body as hand knitted garments of the time were supposed to.

The yarn I used was Sirdar 'Balmoral', a blend of 72% wool, 25% alpaca, and 3% silk. A DK weight yarn, this feels lovely and is not itchy against my skin. This is usually an issue for me, however I wore my new jumper today with only a singlet did not itch, and I was as warm as toast!

I am so happy with this turned out perfect, and looks exactly as I hoped it would!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My man and his new coat

My lovely man and I went to an op-shop on the other side of town today...and of course there were bargains to be had.

My lovely man's new coat; "Parkchester" exclusive to Myer, pure wool "loomed in West of England", a fabulous vintage wool overcoat for just $10.00...doesn't he look fab!!!
This is the "bat" man that paid for my sewing course, which changed my life.


A vintage grey glomesh clutch bag for $3.50. the only fault (if you could call it that) is the shoulder strap chain is missing. Otherwise, bag is in great condition.

Big thanks to my man for seeing the bag in the window and pointing it out to me...he absolutely indulges my fashion/op-shop extravagances. He is like a fashion sponge...last night he commented on the weather girl's "leg-of-mutton" sleeve top. Whatta man!!!