Sunday, April 29, 2012

Simplicity 9969...

Even though it is getting chilly here in Australia I still have summer dresses to show you.

This is a "costume" pattern from Simplicity (I recently won on Ebay), a reproduction of the style of dresses the "torch" singers wore while singing to the troops in WWII.

The pattern was not cheap, at $24.00, but I love the style, the drape front, the frills, and the sweetheart neckline.  I made view A.

Sorry about the lousy backdrop, it was too dark outside (early a.m.) to take a photo.

The fabric was bought from a lady who is selling lots of vintage fabric from a recently deceased "hoarder" of fabric...the husband didn't know what to do with all the fabric, so she is selling it and giving the money to their church.  I often wonder what my family would do with my stash ?!?!?

Anyway...the dress was easy to sew, and my only adjustment was to add about 1.5 cm to the waist only, thanks to my modern, and not 1950s, figure!  I am going to make the longer sleeve version next - I really need some cool weather dresses...

The dress is incredibly flattering, with its slight a-line skirt, and I felt very nice going to "town" (Melbourne) in my most recent best dress.  A woman with a retro dress store asked if I would make some for her shop...if only I could make it more low-cut at the neck, and a much tighter skirt :-) 

I love it just the way it is!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vogue 8686...

We recently had our annual industry day, when members of the fashion industry come to our school and give presentations on various topics.  We are also asked to make something - usually an accessory - which relates to the theme of the day.  This year's theme was sustainability, and we were asked to make an accessory using recycled materials.

I had recently shortened some leather pants to shorts length, and saved the leg pieces.  I had this "vintage vogue" pattern V8686, so decided to make the peplum from the recycled leather, and the dress from vintage fabric given to me by an elderly lady.

I decided to make a matching hat, and chose view 3 of Wearing History's "sporty toppers".  I used some of the leftover leather to trim the hat.


I was challenged by the construction techniques used, it wasn't difficult...I just had to proceed carefully and read the instructions well.  It was a challenge in a good way.  I followed the directions precisely, but shortened the sleeves as it is still quite warm here in March.  I had replaced the side splits with pleats, because I prefer pleats, but the fabric wasn't working so I went back to side splits.

I paired it with a vintage patent leather bag and shoes from my local op shop.  I just love all the design details of this dress, and think the hat makes the look.  I especially like it when my outfits are truly era specific - some vintage patterns just look great, others look absolutely from an earlier time.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vogue 6744...

I am slowly catching up on taking photos and documenting my finished here is (yet) another dress.

I made this dress especially to wear to my scholarship presentation evening - I was very lucky to receive a scholarship this year.  Even though the invitation said "smart casual" I realise that is not possible for me :-)

I used a nice weighty stretch satin in the nicest leopard print I have seen in awhile...I LOVE animal print!  I think this would be an early 60s pattern, but I'm not sure.

The dress was not too tricky to sew, although the facings and cape part were a little fiddly.  I wore it with my "What Katie Did" seamed stockings and undergarments, and a vintage pearl collar

Although the fabric is quite dressy, while I was making it and trying it on, I realised it will look great with my flat, dark chocolate leather knee high boots, thick tights, and a cardi.  Maybe that is what they mean by "smart casual"...