Friday, April 6, 2012

Vogue 6744...

I am slowly catching up on taking photos and documenting my finished here is (yet) another dress.

I made this dress especially to wear to my scholarship presentation evening - I was very lucky to receive a scholarship this year.  Even though the invitation said "smart casual" I realise that is not possible for me :-)

I used a nice weighty stretch satin in the nicest leopard print I have seen in awhile...I LOVE animal print!  I think this would be an early 60s pattern, but I'm not sure.

The dress was not too tricky to sew, although the facings and cape part were a little fiddly.  I wore it with my "What Katie Did" seamed stockings and undergarments, and a vintage pearl collar

Although the fabric is quite dressy, while I was making it and trying it on, I realised it will look great with my flat, dark chocolate leather knee high boots, thick tights, and a cardi.  Maybe that is what they mean by "smart casual"...

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  1. That is a wonderful dress, and you did a great job. I usually don't like the 1960s silhouette, but this is gorgeous and looks lovely on you.