Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vintage Vogue V1137

I made this dress, V1137, yesterday. It was fabulously easy, and went together perfectly.

I made a couple of alterations to the garment... firstly, I omitted the splits at the sides; the skirt is quite roomy enough without them. Secondly, I shortened the length. After cutting it out (unfortunately) I realised it was far too long for my taste, so I took off about 30 cms.

I used a fabric with just a little stretch for comfort, which just so happened to be only $3.00 per metre at Spotlight. It was on the bargain table, so I took what was left on the roll: around 3.5 metres. I love, love, love florals...and red - so this fabric was not only cheap, but perfect!!!

I will definitely make this pattern again, as I am very happy with the fit and styling.

Do you think it looks vintage enough?

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  1. vintage is an interesting term at times. Often I hear comments that mens fashion has not changed much since Victorian times, but then there are also a few pieces in womens fashion that also have not changed.

    The elegance of a simple pencil dress never goes out of fashion so in that sense it is not vintage, but rather timeless.