Friday, December 3, 2010

Eco-dyeing workshop...

Our last two days at fashion school were spent manipulating fabric using "Eco-dyeing" techniques. Our teacher had participated in a workshop by India Flint who has written a beautiful book all about Eco-dyeing - Eco Colour . What fun it is too.

All but one of the samples were created by bundling various plant material - twigs, leaves, flowers, red & brown onion skins - along with metal objects - rusty nails, horseshoe, wire, bits and pieces of metal - in silk or wool, and tying tightly with string. the bundles were then simmered in pots of rainwater, bark and gum leaves for 45 minutes.

This final sample was created by placing petals between fabric and hammering them to release the colour - hapa zome.

It's very messy, and fragrant fingers are stained with colour. The results are much better in the flesh, photos just don't do it justice, and onion skins seem to be the most striking.

Last night, whilst going on my daily bicycle ride, I went to an old railway and scavenged several fabulous pieces of rusty metal just littering the area - railway spikes, bolts, bottle tops etc. I was so happy with my find...who'd thought rusty junk could be so exciting!!!

Have a nice weekend :-)


  1. That is awesome. Growing up in New Zealand I remember my mums friends getting me to climb trees to collect moss to use in dying wool and clothing - very eco!

  2. well well, fashion school in Paris playing with plant dyes
    chuckling quietly down south....

  3. I love the effect and even in the pictures the forms are quite clear. But I am left wondering, are these fabrics washable or will that ruin the effect?

  4. I very much like the idea of eco-dyeing. Sounds like a lot of work, but very admirable. One day I will try to do this :)