Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You know you have too many clothes when...

After a full day at college, I arrived home to find a this on my dressing room door -

With a feeling of dread I opened the door, and found this -


My double garment rack had spontaneously self destructed, frightening the be-Jesus out of my boyfriend.

What to do ???  We made a late night dash to Bunnings (huge Australian hardware chain store) just before they closed.

Three hours later we had this -


2.4 metres of hanging/shelf space, fully adjustable and reconfigurable, reasonably priced wardrobe heaven!!!

And, believe it or not, DIY flat pack with good instructions, plenty of screws etc...and not one cross word was uttered - AMAZING!!!

My boyfriend is brilliant...with help from a gorgeous assistant ;-)


    Currently - my dresses hang on an Ikea rack - which is all rather nice but its getting a little bit *full*....*ahem*
    How much was it if you dont mind me asking?
    and I love how organised it all is! So many nice prints on those dresses :-D

  2. I got the kit for 2.4 metres - $159.00.

    They also had smaller kits for smaller area, and also all the bits can be bought individually if the kits are not appropriate for your needs.

    We put as many screws as possible into the studs, with the remainder using the supplied anchor plugs. It feels very sturdy, and as you can see has quite a lot of weight on it.

    I had three of those portable racks, but this is a much more economical use of the space than the racks.

    Neither of us are expert handy people or builders, and yet it came together quite easily and was finished in 3 hours.

  3. BTW Kitty Meow - are you going to the vintage fair this weekend at the Exhibition Building in Carlton? If so would be great to meet someone from sew retro. I am going on Friday night - I have made a completely new outfit :-)

  4. LOL Pasrismegs! I had a similar wardrobe malfunction last Boxing Day which elicted almost the exact same response from Darling Husband (DH). I opened my built-in robe to retrieve a frock and my hand groped space. The entire hanging rail had collapsed. Mercy trip to Bunnings (yes they were open) by DH and Father-in-law to procure much sturdier rail and attachments, and all was good. My side of the deal was to cull some frocks, which I did (just a few), and I archived the ones I don't wear often. But I would so love a dressing room......

    1. LOL Fashionista - I am glad I'm not the only one :-)

  5. Wow, that looks so awesome. Great that it can be installed so quickly and easily.