Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pattern Magic - Volume One...

I went to Tessuti a few days ago, and bought Pattern Magic, a book I have coveted for some time. I chose a bodice to make, and got to work...

I used contrasting Japanese cotton voile, and repurposed a soft, denim dress (which looked shocking on me) for the cap sleeves and skirt.

This bodice required manipulation whilst on the dress form, something I have never done, weaving the sections through each other.

I used the sleeves and body of the dress - cutting, pinning, sewing, and fitting to make it work as a garment. It was fun to "work it out as I go" so to speak... I have never done that before.

I left all the edges unfinished, to give it a deconstructed and grungier look.

I am not sure what I think just yet, it is quite different from what I would usually like. I am glad I was able to step out of my fashion comfort zone a little though, and will wear it today...keeping an eye out for any "funny" looks.

I can't wait to make another item from the book...I haven't yet decided which :-)

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  1. That was great! I found this book on flick and I was very impressed with all the foreign models that have it, but your shirt is funny and beautiful,