Sunday, January 30, 2011


I have been dyeing lots of fabric lately, experimenting much more with the techniques for dyeing with plant materials, with great results. I have also been reading widely about amazing techniques for synthetic dyes. So much so that I have been exploring ideas for creating items for sale on Etsy down the track.

I repurposed an op-shop tablecloth and some items of clothing, with great colours and patterns achieved.

I have settled on a name "DyeHouseDesigns", and have opened an Etsy account in this name with the idea of listing items such as these for sale. I am really excited about repurposing table linen for several reasons...
  • I love vintage table linen
  • I find lovely linen at op-shops all the time
  • usually they are hand embroidered
  • often they have other delightful features
  • sometimes they are marked - of no concern after dyeing
  • they are always beautiful and make wonderful keepsakes
I only have these few pics at this stage, but would really value any feedback from you all.

Have a great day :-)

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