Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Marian Martin 9289...

Recently I have been making quite a few mail order patterns, the fit seems just right.  This dress, postmarked 1959, is fast becoming one of my faves.

I made the dress using vintage (36 inches wide) rayon from an op-shop, and modern white linen...there was not enough of the rayon to complete the garment.  I had to choose between sleeves or "self" fabric front bodice.  I also mistakenly cut two back bodices instead of one on the fold, and due to the fabric limitation I needed to be I added a back vent in the white.

Once again, the mail order pattern was a dream to put together, my only alteration being the removal of the large front pleat, and inclusion of a side zip.  The "shirtwaist" is purely visual in this instance.  My piece of vintage rayon was so limited, I had to minimise any excess.  I also added a small kick pleat at centre back for ease of movement.

I team this dress with red patent leather belt and shoes, and feel like a million dollars!  This is one of those dresses that is really easy to put on and accessorise, but looks like I've put in way more effort than I have.

BTW - I am going on a school excursion today to the Bendigo Gallery to see an exhibition of Grace Kelly's gowns...I am so excited, and have made a new mail order dress to wear - photo to come.


  1. You look fabulous. I love the white accents and red accessories.

  2. Very nice job. It takes imagination to work with that old time 35, 36 inch material width. Speaking of which, just this past Saturday I visited a thrift store where I find all sorts of old fabric. I found there three lengths of mint green gingham, each 36" wide by approx 1 and 1/3 yards long. The pattern is unusual in that there is a small (green) dot in the white check of the gingham pattern. The fabric is flawless, and of a very good quality, but I can't get past the green. Not my color. I would be happy to send this around the world if you are interested.

    1. WOW I would love that - my email is if you wanna drop me a line - I could paypal you :-)

  3. Oh! The information I forgot to add is that the fabric was priced at 99 cents per length.

  4. lucky you heading to the Grace Kelly exhibition - please write a post tellng us how great it is, I'll have to live vicariously through you as I just can't make it right now.

    Great use of the white contrasting fabric too, I just assumed you did for a decorative detail and not to overcome a fabric shortage. And the red shoes just top it off!