Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My man and his new coat

My lovely man and I went to an op-shop on the other side of town today...and of course there were bargains to be had.

My lovely man's new coat; "Parkchester" exclusive to Myer, pure wool "loomed in West of England", a fabulous vintage wool overcoat for just $10.00...doesn't he look fab!!!
This is the "bat" man that paid for my sewing course, which changed my life.


A vintage grey glomesh clutch bag for $3.50. the only fault (if you could call it that) is the shoulder strap chain is missing. Otherwise, bag is in great condition.

Big thanks to my man for seeing the bag in the window and pointing it out to me...he absolutely indulges my fashion/op-shop extravagances. He is like a fashion sponge...last night he commented on the weather girl's "leg-of-mutton" sleeve top. Whatta man!!!


  1. He didn't look near as stylish when I Skyped him years ago!

    Our Batman has come a long way!

  2. He sure has, Al. Take care my friend :-)

  3. That is amazing, very impressed. Hi from Petal, love your incredibly varied and creative projects.... I will make sure to check out your future posts as I also love meeting fellow stitchers from Australia!