Saturday, July 31, 2010

My latest design

This is my latest design, a basic "sheath", using vintage fabric and notions.

The bodice is made using vintage fabric, the skirt a light-weight crepe, and white grosgrain ribbon and vintage red plastic buckle belt. I bought the vintage fabric from ebay, and the red buckle from etsy.

I designed this dress using my basic dressmaker's blocks, although what you see is an adjusted design. I initially made this with a 12-gore skirt in the vintage fabric. I had made a pattern and toile of a gored skirt in pattern making class and thought it would look good...and it does. However, it was just that bit too short for me to be comfortable and I just knew I wouldn't wear it. Rather than waste the vintage fabric, I removed the too short skirt and replaced it with the straight skirt. The too short skirt will now be added to a hip length, a-line tunic to make a "flapper-style" dress. The tunic part will be made from the same crepe. Will post the result.


  1. Cute outfit.


  2. Fab work, I love the 70's brights feel

  3. Thank you both for your feedback, I really appreciate your comments :-)

  4. I love this dress, the matching of the blue crepe for the skirt and vintage fabric for the top works so well!