Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sewing space

I was reading a blog about sewing spaces, so I thought I'd show you mine, although space is probably a generous description...

I live in a very small house, and this room houses our computer desk, coffee machine table, a couple of shelving units, various stuff, and my sewing machines. Another room, our lounge, has my dressmaker's dummy, and the spare room a.k.a. "tool room or man's room" is where I hide my boxes of fabric etc. I also have a fold-up table for cutting and pattern drafting, which I have to store flat. I dream of having a studio space filled with storage galore, and a table 2 metres x 2 metres (at least) that is high enough to prevent the back ache I get every time I hunch over my current table to pattern draft or cut out - this is the stuff of dreams!!! However, I am grateful to have a space at all, and the items I need to make my own clothes...I am very lucky.

Speaking of lucky, my two sweet little retro sewing tables I have were "free to good home" on the side of the road near my mum's house. She loaded them into the hatchback, and brought them to me. A bit of a clean and they were ready to go.

I actually really like them, not just because they were free, because they possess a kind of quaint, and very retro, charm. They are also small enough to not take over the room.

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