Friday, July 23, 2010

Hollywood pants - shorts

These shorts are my "Hollywood shorts", one of the styles in the Folkwear pattern - "Hollywood pants - # 250". I love all three styles in this pattern, and have attempted two - these, and the knickers...the knickers were no good though. I think the problem is that I am not very 'hip-py', and both patterns required a lot of alteration to the shape at the hip area...which I am no expert at. I persevered with the shorts, but trashed the knickers. I will try again another time. Also, I think I made the waistband wider than the pattern called for.

I just love these shorts...they are very cheeky, and lots of fun. The little pleats are so cool, and the top-stitching above the pleats add a nice detail. This pair are made in a really crisp chambray, but I can see them in a medium wool (with drape) for winter, or a plaid. I guess I have been spoilt with patterns - I rarely have to adjust them - so these patterns really tested my patience. Having said that, I will make these shorts again, and try the others again too.