Thursday, August 11, 2011

Walk-away dress sew-along...

Even though I have made this dress before, I can't wait to join Edelweiss's sew-along.  I have never participated in a sew-along before.

This time I will use a heavier fabric, and will make the fitting adjustments...although I love the dress, I always thought mine was too blousy in the bodice.

I won a $500 sewing machine, and $100 voucher from "Spotlight" at the 2010 Melbourne International Fashion Festival because of this dress, so I have a very soft spot for it...

Twenty people in the audience at Federation Square - whose "style" the organisers liked - were picked out to walk the catwalk and explain their style.  One lady won the major prize $900 sewing machine, and the other 19 won the $500 machine...YAY!

I am so excited to make this dress again - maybe in a dressier fabric.

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  1. very cute dress, hope to see more of this dress and get inspired..