Friday, July 30, 2010

Two charity store gems...

I thought I would share with you my two latest charity store buys...and what gems they are!
1960s style
This one is labelled "Elvie Hill of Melbourne". I don't know if that is a clothing label or a personalised label, the dress is quite old and has no size or care label. It looks homemade. This dress was $10.00 and came with two belts; one made from the silky bodice fabric, the other made from the woollen skirt fabric. It is difficult to see, but i love the way the two fabrics are so different texturally, yet the same pattern. Edit: I just googled Elvie Hill of Melbourne and found out that Elvie Hill was a "couturier and self-named fashion label, from 1940s"
...HOW COOL!!!

1970s style

This dress has had the label removed, is made of a semi-transparent chiffon-like fabric, with an elastic waist and lining below the waist. It reminded me of "Saturday Night Fever" when I saw it, and at $8.00 I couldn't leave it there.

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  1. It makes me want to go back to the 70s!

    Well done Ms. Megs! :-)